What are your shipping rates?
$12 Flat rate for shipping addresses in Canada
$14 Flat rate for shipping addresses in the United States
$18 Flat rate for shipping addresses in all other countries

When can I expect my order?
Once an item is paid for, the time it takes to finalize the order, produce the item (if need be), prepare the package, bring to the post office and finally be delivered to the buyer's door must all be taken into account when calculating when to expect an order. Generally, it will take up to ten business days for Canada and up to fifteen business days for the United States. Unfortunately, for international orders, it may take as long as 9 weeks (but that's why we can keep the international shipping prices so cheap!).

Will you be restocking on _______?
All of our items are created by us. Usually, we have a limited amount of supplies and thus a limited amount of that particular product. Once it is sold out, it is unlikely that we will restock on the supplies and create more. However, if there is a high demand for that style, we might be able to bring it back! Contact us at contact@kastorandpollux.com if you would like to know about a specific item.

Do you have a size chart?
Most of our clothing has general sizing: XS/S and M/L, and otherwise "free size." On every product page, the specific measurements are simply posted and it is up to the buyer to take them into account.

How do I purchase an item?
To purchase an item, simply click the "add to cart" button on the product page and be directed to PayPal to give us your shipping information and pay for the item. The rest will be up to us to organize and ship.

What is your return/exchange policy?
Unfortunately, we do not do returns or exchanges at this time. The buyer must read all item descriptions carefully in order to ensure the product fits his/her standards. If he/she fails to do so, Kastor & Pollux will not be held responsible. If the buyer has any questions about the item, please feel free to email us at contact@kastorandpollux.com before you make your purchase.

What methods of payment do you accept?
As of now, we only accept PayPal because it is the safest and fastest way to make a transaction.

Is Kastor & Pollux a secure website?
The actual Kastor & Pollux domain itself does not handle any financial information, therefore it is a secure website. Kastor & Pollux's payment method, PayPal, is most definitely a secure way to make transactions. Credit card numbers are never exposed and there is 24/7 monitoring to prevent fraud.

What currency do you use?
We price our items in USD.

If your question was not listed above, feel free to contact us at contact@kastorandpollux.com